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IMPERATA Translation Company provides services of written translation, certified and uncertified, as well as of interpretation, proofreading and copy editing. We would like to emphasize that translators and court interpreters working at or cooperating with IMPERATA have many years of experience and expertise guaranteeing that our clients will be satisfied with the services provided. Quality, adherence to agreed-upon deadlines and consistency of translation are our top priorities. If your company or you personally require someone to accompany you in your business or personal plans, turn to us with confidence.

We approach each translation task with due care and proficiency whether we translate a simple report card, Apostille or a complex contract or a legal opinion and we do so by using state-of-the-art tools. Our vast experience gained through years of cooperation with various institutions such as ministries, foreign companies, courts, translation offices, European organizations etc. has enabled us to handle and carry out with competence and expertise every task placed before us by the client. We are language experts for all areas ranging from law and economics, medicine and engineering to every day texts.

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You need to translate business documentation, contracts, agreements, excerpts from court registers or similar? You need to translate your diploma, passport, marriage certificate or other personal documents? You need to translate a recording or a text in a format that you can edit? You need to translate a website for your company? Or a medical finding from a foreign language? You need help to regulate your pension in Germany? Feel free to contact us and we will translate what you need as soon as possible. In addition, we are able to provide also the translation from one foreign language to another.

We translate into all European languages and offer our permanent clients special and more favourable prices of translation.

Types of texts we translate: Legal opinions, court judgements, decrees, pension certificates, medical documentation, technical specifications, accounting documents, personal documents, operating instructions, safety data sheets, various agreements and contracts, CVs, websites and many more.

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