Court interpreter

Who is a court interpreter

A court interpreter is a person appointed to that duty by the County or Commercial Court after passing a court interpreter’s examination. Court interpreters are appointed for a period of four years after which the appointment can be extended. A court interpreter guarantees with the signature and official stamp that the translated text is an accurate and complete rendering in the target language of the of the original document written in the source language.

Standard page

A standard page is a standard measure of the size of a text and the length of a standard page is 1500 keystrokes (including blanks). Each standard page that is commenced shall be charged as the whole page. The daily norm of the court interpreter for translation from a foreign language into the Croatian language is 6 standard pages, and 4 standard pages for translation from the Croatian language into a foreign language. In such a case, a regular price shall be applied.




After the client has delivered the document that needs to be translated, a quotation is made and delivered to the client. The quotation states the source and the target languages, number of standard pages, unit price, discount (if granted) and the delivery term. After the client has accepted the quotation i.e. confirmed the acceptance of the quotation in writing, the court interpreter/translator starts with the translation. It is the obligation of the court interpreter/translator to perform each translation carefully and conscientiously because the translated text must be an accurate and complete rendering of the original document written in the source language. After the court interpreter has finished translating, the text will undergo a language editing process in which eventual typing, morphological, syntactical and other errors will be eliminated. After all that is completed, the translated text is delivered to the client. At the delivery of the translated text certified by the court interpreter, it must be emphasized that what is being delivered to the client is the original certified translation.



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