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Should you require quick and professional translation of documents that your future projects depend upon, turn to Imperata with confidence – we will provide professional, reliable and quality linguistic support. We translate into all European languages and offer our permanent clients special and more favourable prices of translation.


Court interpreter

Court interpreter.

A court interpreter guarantees with the signature and official stamp that the translated text is an accurate and complete rendering in the target language of the of the original document.


Consecutive interpretation

Interpreters sit in the same room.

Interpreters sit in the same room with other participants and speak after the speaker has finished, based on the notes they have made while the speaker spoke.


Certified translation

Bears an official stamp and the signature.

Court interpreter affirming that the translated text is an accurate and complete rendering of the original.

Simultaneous interpretation

For bigger gatherings.

A simultaneous interpreter sits in a sound-proof booth and listens through the earphones what the speaker says while simultaneously translating the said into the target language.


Uncertified translation

Do not bear the stamp of the court interpreter.

These are the texts that do not require certification such as website texts, memos, newspaper articles and other texts.


Copy editing and proofreading

Copy editing and proofreading.

We also provide copy editing and proofreading services of texts in the Croatian language and other foreign languages.

Court interpreter

Types of texts we translate: Legal opinions, court judgements, decrees, pension certificates, medical documentation, technical specifications, accounting documents, personal documents, operating instructions, safety data sheets, various agreements and contracts, CVs, websites and many more.

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