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These General Terms and Conditions govern the translation services from the Croatian language into foreign languages and vice versa, proofreading and copy editing of texts translated from the Croatian language into foreign languages and vice versa as well as all other services provided by company IMPERATA d.o.o. za prevođenje, usluge i trgovinu (simple ltd. for translation, services and trade), with registered office at Maceljska 7, 10110 Zagreb (hereinafter referred to as IMPERATA or Translator), for which the company is registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb.

The Client delivers the documents for translation in person, via e-mail, fax or by mail. After the Translator has made and delivered the quotation containing the unit price, overall price, eventual discount and delivery term, the Client confirms the acceptance of the quotation in writing via e-mail or fax. The acceptance of the quotation in writing is considered to be an irrevocable order of the service specified in the quotation.The minimum billing unit for translation of texts is one standard page the length of which is 1500 keystrokes (including blanks), and for interpretation – 1 hour. Every standard page commenced shall be charged as a whole page, and every hour commenced – as a full hour. The daily norm for translating texts from foreign languages into Croatian is six standard pages, and for translating from Croatian into foreign languages four custom pages. The delivery term is determined according to the number of standard pages. The delivery term shall not include the day of handing in of the documents and delivery of the translated texts as well as Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays of the Republic of Croatia. For translation of standard pages exceeding the daily norm, the Client will be charged an urgency fee which increases the price of translation by 50% or as agreed. The current pricelist of IMPERATA d.o.o. shall apply on all translations, or prices agreed upon in the contract between IMPERATA d.o.o. and the Client, if such has been concluded. IMPERATA withholds the right to request payment from the Client at the moment of delivery of the translated text or in the period stated in the contract concluded between IMPERATA and the Client. Furthermore, IMPERATA withholds the right to request advance payment.The translated text shall be delivered to the Client in the business office of the IMPERATA Company, via e-mail or fax. Should the Client request delivery of the translated text by mail or courier service, the Client is required to bear the costs of such a delivery. The translation delivery deadline starts running from the moment the quotation has been accepted, unless agreed upon otherwise between IMPERATA and the Client.

IMPERATA i.e. the Translator is required to keep up with the agreed upon deadlines for translation and delivery of the texts and carry out the translation in accordance with its best knowledge and skills. In case of delay, the Translator is required to inform the Client thereof and, if possible, agree upon an additional deadline. Should the Client cancel the order, IMPERATA i.e. the Translator is entitled to request payment for the entire translation or for the portion of translation already carried out against the invoice issued by the Translator. The Translator is entitled to cancel any agreement concluded between the Client and the Translator as well as the Client’s order without further explanation. The Translator is entitled to transfer the rights and obligations hereunder to third parties, in whole or in part.If the Client wishes the translated text to contain certain terminology, the Client is required to inform the Translator thereof at the moment of confirmation of the order and place at the disposal of the Translator materials and glossaries to ensure the consistency in term usage.

IMPERATA undertakes to keep confidential (trade secret) all personal data, texts, written and oral agreements as well as all other materials placed at its disposal as the Translator for the purpose of performing the undertaken business and that it shall deny access to those data to all third parties. Every translator and associate of IMPERATA undertakes to keep trade secrets. All materials the Client has placed at the disposal of IMPERATA shall be returned at request. If the Client desires, a Confidentiality Statement shall be delivered and signed by the translator working on the said project. We waive liability for disclosure or usage of that information which already is, or shall become known in future, to any third party or public, or which is required to be disclosed at the request of government authorities.

Should any claim for damages arise against IMPERATA (the Translator), it shall not exceed the value of the invoice issued for the provided service, unless otherwise agreed. IMPERATA shall be liable exclusively for intentional damage or damage caused by gross negligence. Any liability in case of force majeure, consequential damages and loss of profit is excluded.

All translated texts, materials and documentation we make for the purpose of carrying out the contracted business shall remain our property until settlement of all claims against the Client.

If any of the provisions contained herein shall be held to be invalid, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Such a provision shall be replaced with a valid provision which most closely approximates the intent and economic effect of the invalid provision.

Zagreb, December 2012

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